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Corporate Responsibility — ESG Oversight

ESG issues represent risks, opportunities and important external impacts we consider in our strategy and operations. Our approach to ESG is rooted in business relevance and integrated into our business through Board of Directors oversight, officer-level leadership of ESG initiatives across relevant departments, and collaboration among dedicated teams of corporate responsibility professionals and subject matter experts throughout the company.

Board-Level Oversight

The AT&T Board of Directors’ Governance and Policy Committee has direct oversight of Corporate Responsibility and ESG strategy, as well as related policies, programs and reporting. It also oversees our policies for political and philanthropic giving, which includes political contributions, corporate contributions approved by the AT&T Contributions Council and grants approved by the AT&T Foundation.

The Audit Committee oversees AT&T’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as internal enterprise risk assessment activities which include privacy and data security. The Audit Committee also oversees audit functions which incorporate ESG risks and disclosures. The Chief Compliance Officer and the SVP—Audit Services each meet with the Audit Committee 4 times per year.

The Human Resources Committee oversees remuneration, succession planning, and other aspects of human capital management at AT&T, including factors such as employee benefit plans, employee safety, professional development and related executive compensation.

For more information on our Board of Directors and its oversight of ESG, please see our most recent proxy statement.

Executive-Level ESG Oversight

Our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), who is also our Senior Vice President (SVP)—Corporate Responsibility and ESG, oversees internal management of AT&T’s ESG strategy, risks and opportunities. Our SVP—Audit Services oversees internal enterprise risk assessment activities and audit functions, including analysis of ESG risks and disclosures, and associated processes, controls and assurance.

Our CSR Governance Council is led by our CSO and comprises more than a dozen Officers who lead the business operations aligned to our most important ESG focus areas. The CSR Governance Council held 3 meetings in 2022 and covered ESG topics such as digital divide, business-affecting climate transition, political contributions, ESG reporting, DE&I, long-range goal setting and social issue engagement.

In addition to the CSR Governance Council, we convene core issue committees focused on community, employee activation, environment, human rights and online safety. These committees are led by senior CSR leaders who work closely with subject matter experts throughout our business to implement and enhance programs and policies that address ESG issues across AT&T.

Stakeholder Engagement

Every 2–3 years—most recently in Q4 2021—we identify our most significant external risks and opportunities by systematically engaging a broad sampling of internal and external stakeholders. We use the findings from this process to prioritize the issues our company should address to help ensure long-term business success. Additionally, the results of this materiality assessment are formally integrated into our enterprise risk assessment process. Learn more about our ESG Material Issues Assessment.

For more information on our corporate governance practices and foundational policies that govern our business, please visit our Ethics & Integrity issue brief, as well as our Policies page, Corporate Governance website, Code of Conduct, Annual Report, SEC filings, Transparency Report and Political Engagement Report.

AT&T Corporate Responsibility Governance Structure

Our commitment to Corporate Responsibility (CSR) is embedded in every company level, and oversight rests with the Governance and Policy Committee of the Board of Directors of AT&T Inc.

Board of Directors Oversight graphic of 4 concentric circles showing the CSR governance council as the outer ring, Topic-level committees one step in, and business units one step further. Environmental and Social impact is shown at the center of the graphic.

Governance Council

Our Council comprises officers with responsibility for the business areas most linked to current Corporate Responsibility priorities. Each member represents her/his entire organization to reach a broader range of issues and perspectives.

Corey Anthony

Senior Vice President, Engineering & Operations

Mónica Aspe

Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Mexico

Altresha Burchett-Williams

Vice President, Compliance Oversight

Len Cali

Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy

Susan Johnson

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Wireline Transformation and Supply Chain

Michelle Jordan

Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

Charlene Lake

Senior Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and ESG, and Chief Sustainability Officer

Stacey Maris

Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Secretary

Krista Pilot

Chief Communications Officer

Jason C. Porter

Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Amir Rozwadowski

Senior Vice President, Finance and Investor Relations

Sabrina Sanders

Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Controller

Valerie Vargas

Senior Vice President, AT&T Advertising and Retail Marketing

Rick Welday

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise

Last Updated: 7/18/2023

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