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We detail our ESG performance and impact through robust public reporting, including our annual Sustainability Summary, issue briefs detailing our approach to leading ESG topics and the comprehensive reporting resources below.
AT&T 2022 Sustainability Summary

Effectively managing ESG risks and opportunities is a business imperative at AT&T. We integrate environmental and social issues throughout our strategy and governance, to help sustain long-term performance and positively impact our stakeholders.

Reporting Frameworks

We align to multiple ESG reporting frameworks. Explore these indexes to locate our responses to the respective topics and disclosures.

AT&T Mexico ESG Report

Este reporte es un ejercicio de transparencia para dar a conocer nuestros principales resultados y logros obtenidos durante este periodo. Este documento refleja nuestro compromiso con la sustentabilidad a través de la calidad de nuestros servicios, la ética con la que operamos y el impulso por la diversidad y la inclusión.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report

We are committed to building and fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce. In 2021, we continued to rewrite the blueprints for what it means to be a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive company that brings people Together by Design.

Political Engagement Report

Twice yearly, in accordance with applicable law, campaign finance and disclosure rules, and our own internal policies, we publicly disclose U.S. political contributions via this Report.

Transparency Report

Like all companies, we are required by law to provide information to government and law enforcement entities, as well as parties to civil lawsuits, by complying with court orders, subpoenas, lawful discovery requests and other legal requirements.

Reporting Archive

A centralized location for easy access to current and historical reports that detail the scope of our efforts.